Media Production Services

We specialize in providing cost-effective video production services including multi-camera location videography, digital video editing, DVD authoring and duplication, scriptwriting, motion graphics and multimedia.

We work with universities, high-tech companies, small companies, non-profits, churches and large organizations alike.

Streaming & Digital Technology

Streaming Media Encoding Convert audio, video, or images from either analog or digital format to the appropriate digital format for use on the web, CD, DVD, hard drive, and other network appliances.

Video Recording & Production

On-Location Production

A complete video recording team captures ceremonies and events of all sizes through a broad range of coverage options, from single camera to multi-camera.

We produce programs in a broadcast recording studio with the possibility of integrating post-production special effects. Services range from single camera recording to customized 4-camera recording including set production and satellite uplink capability.

Video production services

We are located in London, UK, we are a full-service video production company serving clients in London and nationwide.

  • Multi-camera location, event and studio videography
  • Full service digital non-linear video editing, audio sweetening
  • Shoot, edit and produce broadcast quality video
  • Complete packages: cameras, lights, microphones, crews, actors and voiceover talent
  • Production on DV, DVCam, HDV, HD Cam, DigiBeta, Film, Betacam SP and other formats
  • Interactive programming for corporate, education, training and more
  • Broadcast, distribute, duplicate onto any format you need
  • Video production or conversion for web streaming, CD or DVD
  • Graphics, Powerpoint and 3D animation, product packaging, website design
  • Motion graphics, After Effects, compositing, animation
  • Corporate, marketing, tradeshow, sales or instruction video production, television commercials, PSAs, events and more
  • Creative concepting and scriptwriting for your video production
  • Equipment, capabilities and talent to coordinate any size project in the Austin area or nationwide
  • Event DVD/video distribution for our clients through our online store- turnkey!

Please contact us if you have further enquiry or want us to do some jpb for you…

Pre-sales Consulting

Pre-sales staff can answer questions about hardware and software that is available at Computhouse. Before a customer makes a purchase, pre-sales staff can help individuals in their own research with tools such as:

  • Specification sheets provided by manufacturers.
  • The World Wide Web.
  • Macintosh and PC periodicals and catalogs.
  • The pre-sales staff’s own personal knowledge.
Network Services – Onsite London Computer Networking Services for Residential and Commercial Needs.

Pre-Sales staff can be reached at 077 656 888 75 e-mail at, or use the contact form.