Frequently Used Computer Terms


Types or Styles of Personal Computers. Also commonly used to refer to a Computer as a whole.

Hard Drive

This is where your data is physically stored. Your files and folders are all on your hard drive.


Input device on which you type.


Stands for MOdulator/DEModulator. This device allows you to dial up another computer using a phone line. Most commonly used to connect to connect your PC to the Internet.


The Motherboard is the core of a computer system. All of your other components connect to the Motherboard, such as your CPU and RAM. Most Motherboards now feature onboard components too, including sound and video.


Your screen. There are 2 major varieties: CRT & LCD. A CRT monitor looks like a standard TV set, but with much better resolution. A LCD monitor is very flat and thin. LCD monitors come from the technology used to make Laptop screens.


Input device which allows you to select icons and hyperlinks, allows you to scroll through a page, and allows you to direct where you are going.


Often referred to as the “brains of the computer”, the processor, which is nestled within your motherboard, processes the information contained within your computer. In a personal computer, this is one small chip which is known as a microprocessor.


Short for Random Access Memory. This is where information is temporarily stored, such as a text document before you save it, or the data from a game you are playing.

Sound Card

Allows you to hear sounds from the computer. Your speakers plug into the sound card, as do microphones and headphones.


An external component on most desktops, and internal on most laptops, allows for sound to be heard.

Video Card

A card which plugs into your motherboard and allows you to see what you’re doing on your computer. Some video cards are very basic while others are specifically made for viewing and processing high end graphics.


Fan are very important in modern Computers. They help assure that your Computer will not overheat by keeping system components cool.

Pre-sales Consulting

Pre-sales staff can answer questions about hardware and software that is available at Computhouse. Before a customer makes a purchase, pre-sales staff can help individuals in their own research with tools such as:

  • Specification sheets provided by manufacturers.
  • The World Wide Web.
  • Macintosh and PC periodicals and catalogs.
  • The pre-sales staff’s own personal knowledge.

Pre-Sales staff can be reached at 077 656 888 75 e-mail at, or use the contact form.